Remember to Whitelist IP access to your warehouse if connecting to it is IP-restricted!

Connection Credentials

Use the following credentials to connect to your Postgres database:
  1. 1.
    Account: You can find your account in the URL you use to connect to Snowflake. For example if you connect to Snowflake at then your account is mxa1036. If you have a longer URL like then your account is All you need to do is copy everything between https:// and
  2. 2.
    Username: The username to connect to. Instructions on how to create a read-only user are below.
  3. 3.
    Password: The password for this user.
  4. 4.
    Database: The name of the database that Shape should connect to.
  5. 5.
    Schema: The schema to read from.
  6. 6.
    Warehouse: The warehouse to use.

Creating a read-only user

If you would like to create a new read-only user in Snowflake, here are the commands to run:
-- Create a new role for Shape
create role SHAPE_ROLE;
-- create a new user for Shape
create user SHAPE_USER password = 'your-strong-password';
grant role SHAPE_ROLE to user SHAPE_USER;
alter user SHAPE_USER set default_role = SHAPE_ROLE;
-- Allow Shape to connect to your database and schema. Replace with your database and schema
grant usage on database <your_database> to role SHAPE_ROLE;
grant usage on schema <your_database>.<your_schema> to role SHAPE_ROLE;
-- Allow Shape read access to your tables
grant select on all tables in schema <your_database>.<your_schema> to role SHAPE_ROLE;
grant select on future tables in schema <your_database>.<your_schema> to role SHAPE_ROLE;
-- Allow Shape to use a warehouse. Either create SHAPE_WAREHOUSE or specify your own warehouse
grant usage on warehouse SHAPE_WAREHOUSE to role SHAPE_ROLE;

Removing the read-only user

If you need to remove the read-only user, reversing the commands above is easy:
-- Remove warehouse access
revoke usage on warehouse SHAPE_WAREHOUSE from role SHAPE_ROLE;
-- Remove read access
revoke all privileges on all tables in schema <your_database>.<your_schema> from role SHAPE_ROLE;
-- Remove connect privileges
revoke usage on schema <your_database>.<your_schema> from role SHAPE_ROLE;
revoke usage on database <your_database> from role SHAPE_ROLE;
-- Remove user
drop user SHAPE_USER;
-- Remove role
drop role SHAPE_ROLE;
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