Aggregate Table
This allows you to aggregate rows in your table, similar to a Pivot Table in Excel.
For example, if you had a Sales table with a product_id column and a price column, and you wanted to see the total sales of each product_id, you can aggregate it as:
This will create one row for each product_id and calculate the sum of the price column for each product_id. The newly created column will automatically be called sum_price.
You can create one or more aggregate columns for each aggregation, and you can specify one or more Row columns as well.
If you want more fine-grained control over aggregate functions, you can switch to a custom aggregate, which allows you to manually set the new columns name and the function to calculate it. For example, if you wanted to calculate the number of unique customers that had purchased a product you could:
You can use any valid SQL for the column formula.
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